Sacha’s Sweet Tale

One day in 1976, to fulfill the birthday wish of her little nephew, the founder decided to bake a black forest cake in the shape of a car, a wish as innocent and full of fun as her little nephew. She worked such wonders that soon, not only her nephew but her friends and relatives boasted about Sacha’s custom cake, wanting more, spreading her name, making requests and placing orders.

Thus, began Sacha’s Cakes journey. Taking her business from her home to a shop, Sacha’s Cakes creates signature Black Forest cakes, customized to her client’s wishes and within a few years, Sacha’s Cakes became the go-to place for all of Karachi.

Thirty Years later, Sacha’s Cakes is still engraved in the memories of those that recall the excitement of cutting a custom-made black forest cake for all occasions.

With a new vision, some of the old Sacha’s Cakes clients relaunched the iconic bakery Sacha’s Cakes by adapting to today’s customer needs, attracting the very child who now is a parent and wishes to continue the tradition of what they grew up with. This could only happen by engaging the same artesian bakers of the original era and adopting social and digital media as mode of communication, providing the value which today’s customer seeks. Over 300000 Facebook likes and over 10000 customized cakes delivered. Sacha’s Cakes today is the first bakery chain which delivers its cake to the customer’s right up to midnight on 4 wheels.

Today Sacha’s has 5 Branches as well as website which enables International customers to send the cake to their loved ones in Karachi and soon an APP where a customer can order a cake in few minutes and track its delivery.tradition

Sacha’s is an outstanding example of adopting old values with current trends of customer’s needs.

Try Sacha’s Cakes which has now been a part of life for three generations.